The End of 1st Baran

Generally, the layout of traditional office environment with separate rooms and offices is designed in such a way that the usual situation is quiet. Designers may work in one room and engineers in other room. Interactions between groups are mostly planned (such as in a conference room).

But there is another approach. The office environment should be vibrant, interactive, lively and passionate. Creative activity culminates when all groups interact in a direct way. Managers and engineers work together, relax, eat, live and enjoy their work process.

The first part was dedicated to the design unit for direct connection with the yard and receiving natural light. ]t was possible to enjoy natural light by removing the interior wall of the bedroom and adding space to the lounge.

The middle part (including reception and research-development) is clearly separated from the first part by a glass partition to benefit from natural light in addition to effective communication with the design unit.

In the bottom part, the wall between the bedroom and patio was removed and the space was integrated with the aim of achieving a unified and larger space suitable for the meeting room. It was also programmed to allow controlled light entry into space by wearing a patio roof and defining two openings on either side.